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Annika Mang tackled the West Coast Trail, one of Canada's most challenging through trails, with their 6 and 8 year old. She will share her experience tackling a bucket list trail with young children and the challenges they faced not only along the trail but from breaking out of societal norms.

Annika Mang is an experienced outdoor educator, published author, and professional content creator with a passion for encouraging families to adventure. She co-founded TrailCollectiv, an award winning hiking app for families, in 2022 and uses the platform to encourage families to find all types of adventures big and small.

She is the founder of the social platform Born to be Adventurous that was founded in 2015 on the belief that adventuring does not end when you have children, it is only the beginning. Using her experience adventuring on big and small adventures to inspire families across the world.

The platform has 6 different Facebook groups across Western Canada for mothers that helps them inspire one another to explore with and without their children.

Annika Mang has always believed that adventuring does not end when you have children, it is only the beginning. Ever since having children, she made sure to keep exploring with and without her children on big and small adventures. Their family has tackled challenging back country trails, including one of the most famous trails in Canada, The West Coast Trail.

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Hiking The West Coast Trail (Canada)

May 11, 2024, 08:00 PM
Annika Mang

Kula Cloth


Far Out

Tera Kair


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