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Lifelong learner who is fascinated with, and passionate about, the micro (small) world!

Dr. Brandolyn Thran

Lead Micro-Lover, Microlife Outdoor Experiences

Dr. Brandolyn Thran is a wife and mom who asks a lot of questions and loves deep conversations. Brandolyn loves to laugh and take the backroads. Her passion is melding science, brain research, and spirituality to encourage and empower others to discover their awesome potential. She drives Hank the Hope Bus, a renovated mini-school bus as her adventure rig and mobile classroom.

Brandolyn loves wildflowers, hiking, backpacking, and flatwater kayaking in the warmer months. She simply survives winter by snowshoeing her way through it. She is almost always cold, so she is sometimes mistaken for the abominable snowman.

She holds advanced degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology and Environmental Science. Brandolyn worked for the US Army as a civilian for 15 years as a Microbial Risk Assessor. After her son entered school, she transitioned into education and has served as a consultant, trainer, and coach. She was the Associate Director at Nevada Outdoor School (current Board President and leader of backpacking adventures) before returning to the classroom as a science teacher at an alternative high school for at-risk youth in northeastern Nevada. She is a Certified Lay Pastor in the Nevada Presbytery and shepherds a congregation in Wells, Nevada.

In 2021, Brandolyn published her first book, "LO.VE. Life Others. Value Others. Become a Scattered Brilliance Ambassador and Celebrate the Individual".

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From Seen to Unseen: How Microbes Help Us Thrive

May 12, 2024, 10:00 PM
Brandolyn Thran

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