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An organization development professional who put her skills to work on her passion for hiking, creating a coast to coast trail bringing social and economic opportunities to vulnerable communities, ensuring that economic growth is accompanied by local ownership, and protection for biodiversity.

Conchita Espino

Executive Director, Asociacion Mar a Mar

Conchita M. Espino, PhD. Is the Executive Director of Asociacion Mar a Mar Costa Rica a position she holds since November 2015.

Dr. Espino’s professional experiences have ranged from experimental research, clinical practice, program development and organization development work such as designing of leadership assessment programs, large group facilitation exercises and change management projects. She has been a professor of management consulting, leadership and organization development both in the United States and Europe. She worked 20 years at the World Bank Group where she facilitated strategy exercises and led organization change projects of large scale. She holds a Ph.D form New York University which she received in 1981.

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What it's like hiking the Camino de Costa Rica

May 12, 2024, 06:00 PM
Conchita Espino

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