Jessica Chenard

Founder, Her Hike Collective

About this speaker

Jessica R. Chenard is a writer of purposeful adventures, healing, and legacy; hiking and writing give her a sense of creativity and purpose. She is a business owner, mother, wife, daughter, sister, community builder, and friend. Chenard is the founder of Her Hike Collective, an all-women's hiking community. You can find her hosting the group's quarterly hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Chenard was motivated to write her memoir: Her Hike after spending a decade living it. She hiked to heal from tragedy, and later hiking helped her nurture a beautiful life. People she cared about played a large role in nurturing her love for the mountains, the most significant of these people being her brother. After his tragic death, she was left with only the knowledge of his love for nature and hiking. This enabled and inspired her. His love for the outdoors gave her a direction to go in - her true north - and she made hiking a part of her lifestyle. Ultimately, writing this book became her calling. Chenard passionately believes that spending time in nature can heal. When you endure a tragedy or even just a hard season, hiking and nature can be a lifeline for you too, just like it was for Chenard. Her story is written for you.