About this speaker

Julie has been solo traveling full-time since selling her house and most of her belongings in 2020, and spends 90% of the year outside the U.S. In late 2021, she quit her high-profile corporate job to take a career break from traditional full-time employment — to regain her time, mental energy, and creativity — to fully enjoy her nomadic lifestyle and creative pursuits without constraints. In 2023, Julie published an eBook to share her learnings from her sabbatical and help others prepare for their own escape. She also started offering travel coaching, advisory services, custom itineraries, and group trips — all to empower and inspire others to incorporate more travel into their life! An unmarried, child-free woman who refuses to settle, she's passionate about financial freedom, female empowerment, and rebelling against societal expectations to be true to yourself. 50 U.S. states, 32 countries and counting. 💖