Kate Joiner

Founder, Outdoor Women of Nashville Small business owner, avid outdoorswoman, and professional thrillbillie.

About this speaker

Kate Joiner has been running around in the woods and playing in the creeks since she was a child, and not much has changed as an adult! Her love of the outdoors has grown into a full time career and calling of getting more people into the outdoors. Kate is a Christian, a wife, a mother and the founder of Outdoor Women of Nashville. In 2019, Kate felt called to provide the women of middle Tennessee more opportunities to be in the outdoors, which led to the creation of Outdoor Women of Nashville. By 2021, growing demand for accessible outdoor events in the region led her to resign from her full time job and focus on providing the women of Middle Tennessee with even more high quality and professionally organized outdoor experiences.

To date, thousands of women across the region have experienced one of the dozens of Outdoor Women of Nashville events conducted each year. Even more have found ways to spend time with other women in the outdoors through the 14,000+ women in the Outdoor Women of Nashville online community. To join our private, ladies only community, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338287273477227/?ref=share

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