Marina Blackford

Beyond Cancer Coach Over 1.5 million views on YouTube! Marina Blackford shares how to live life beyond cancer, chemo and treatment. She is a 2x breast cancer survivor and cancer coach.

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Marina Blackford is The Beyond Cancer Coach. She was inspired to help others after running the Boston Marathon one year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared her cancer journey on social media, and found many people reaching out for help with loved ones that were being diagnosed with cancer. She felt the need to reach more people so in 2020 she started a YouTube channel. Later that year, she would be diagnosed with breast cancer again. Marina documented her journey on YouTube and uploaded a viral video titled “12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Chemo”. She has a YouTube community where she hosts monthly live chats on her channel. Her 16 year career as a dental hygienist has taught her about the relationship between disease, overall health and our influence over it. To aid in this empowerment of knowledge, she completed her Holistic Cancer Coach certification in 2023. She continues to help others find hope and tools to help them beat and prevent cancer. You can find her on YouTube or at Marina’s greatest passion in life is being a mom, traveling with her husband and two kids, running and anything outdoors!

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Living an Empowered Life

May 11, 2024, 11:00 PM
Marina Blackford

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