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Misty Laboy

CEO, Beauty Inside & Out
I’m Misty Laboy, a Master Makeup Artist, Weight Loss Advisor, and Self-Love Mentor. My journey began as an art student selling Cosmetics to put myself through college and support my family. Along the way, I discovered my passion for helping women transform inside and out. Despite achieving success in my career, I struggled with my weight until I found that diets don’t work, but lifestyle changes do. This realization led me to the top 2% of my company and a mission to help others shed pounds and gain confidence. However, my own journey toward self-love was the most profound transformation of all. In 2020, I hit a low point and embarked on a spiritual self-love journey, healing addiction and finding inner fulfillment. Now, I empower women to discover their worth beyond appearances, as I did. Join me in embracing self-love and manifesting a life that exceeds your wildest dreams! 💗