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Author and advocate for reframing women's stories of survival from Domestic Violence and finding inner strength with life in the outdoors.

Pamela Miles

Author & Advocate

Pam Miles comes from a multi-generational lineage of Domestic Violence, but that has not stopped her from redefining her story moving forward. Author of "Mile 0", Pam continues to speak publicly about the importance of breaking harmful cycles, both in families and societal systems, and how one person can indeed make a difference in another's life. As one who cares deeply about children and family safety and their health, she was the 2023 Snohomish County Domestic Violence Resource Services keynote speaker. Pam has served on the King County Juvenile Diversion Unit and has taught Safe Haven Boundaries courses nationally. She wrote her book "Mile 0" during her rehab from brain surgery following a brain bleed in 2020, where she had to relearn to walk and once again, rewrite her story moving forward. Pam continues to be called courageous, inspiring, and persistent by all who know her story of survival and witnessing what can be.

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Stronger Than You Realize!

May 08, 2024, 10:00 PM
Pamela Miles

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