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Expert in play, creative exploration, and wellness advocate for caregivers, with a strong focus on connecting with nature.

Reagan Fulton

Founder, Playful Acre

Meet Reagan Fulton, the dynamic owner of Playful Acre - a company devoted to encouraging individuals of all ages to bond with nature and indulge in outdoor play. Reagan is deeply passionate about numerous aspects of life including nature play, adventures, environmental conservation, wellness of caregivers, inclusive sensory experiences, and the fulfilling journey of homeschooling and travelling with her 6-year-old son Rowen.

Together, Reagan and Rowen traverse the country to inspire parents, nannies, and caregivers. Their shared mission? To playfully draw people outdoors, nurture an enduring sense of curiosity, embrace a spirit of adventure, and champion the joys of lifelong learning. As a team, they underscore the importance of outdoor play, with or without children, serving as living proof of the profound personal growth that comes from a continued connection with nature.

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