Stacy Mugge

Certified Veterinary Technician of 25 years, Outdoor Adventurer and Equestrian LNT Instructor

About this speaker

Having grown up in the midwest and spent most of her life there, she calls Colorado home. She is most happy hiking and backpacking the the mountains of Colorado and southern Wyoming. As member of the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, who patrol the trails of the Roosevelt National Forest educating hikers, picking up trash, caring for trails and campsites and reporting back to the USPS, she has found that education is important for all visitors on the trail. She has been a certified veterinary technician for 25 years, so has seen it all in regards to accidents on the trail involving dogs. Her background working in the veterinary field is extensive. She has been in mixed animal practice, the university, oncology, emergency medicine, research, teaching veterinary and veterinary technician students and now industry. Her passion is teaching others.

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