Rebecca Walsh

Bouncing Back from Breast Cancer: How to Use Trauma to Fuel Your Adventures

A Talk by Rebecca Walsh (Founder, Hike Like A Woman)

About this Talk

Join Rebecca as she shares her journey from being too depressed to get out of bed after a breast cancer diagnosis to climbing mountains. I'll talk about the power of resilience and how we can use trauma to improve our lives.

Rebecca will share her personal story of overcoming breast cancer and finding her strength and offer practical advice on how to bounce back from trauma and live your best life.

This speech is for anyone who has ever experienced trauma or hardship. It is a message of hope and inspiration and a reminder that we are all capable of overcoming great adversity.

May 11, 2024, 08:00 PM

08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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About The Speaker

Rebecca Walsh

Rebecca Walsh

Founder, Hike Like A Woman

From breast cancer to climbing big mountains. Rebecca shares true stories of grit, optimism, and using trauma to make us better, not break us.