Natasha Buffo

Invisible Injuries: Experiences of Concussion, Grief and Depression

A Talk by Natasha Buffo (Founder, Dirt & Tears)

About this Talk

Have you, or someone you know, navigated through something debilitating that left no physical scars? Join us for this vulnerable account of a few of the seemingly invisible experiences, what it was like in the thick of them, and how others helped. This presentation will share personal experiences through depression, grief, and a serious concussion. The stories will focus on the internal journey - the part that others do not see and is rarely talked about. There will be examples of how friends and loved ones might judge symptoms as offensive or how they try to help. We’ll talk about language and the trauma that continues to affect one’s future decisions. Most importantly, we’ll examine what works and how others can actively support.

  • Attendees will gain empathy for people who might experience an invisible injury, like concussion grief, or depression.
  • Attendees will have examples of what can be helpful in these situations and can better help others navigate through them in the future.

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May 10, 2024, 11:00 PM

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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About The Speakers

Natasha Buffo

Natasha Buffo

Founder, Dirt & Tears

Certified Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor for three years and Adult Mental Health First Aider for nearly eight years. Teaching and utilizing this material to outdoor recreationists, professionals and those living in mountain towns.