Preeti Suri

Overcoming Darkness: From Postpartum Depression to Summiting Peaks in Business

A Talk by Preeti Suri (Founder & CEO, AdventureTripr)

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In this talk Preeti will describe: 1. Childbirth: How after child birth, she went from being a physically very fit and able and professionally an Investment banker to not being able to walk 1 flat mile without going our of breath, 60lbs overweight and faced with severe depression. 2. Outdoors for post partum recovery: She then took to hiking while carrying her baby on her and held on to the outdoors literally for the sake of her life. She kept getting stronger and ended up climbing all Washington volcanoes within the first year of her hiking. She climber Mt. Rainer on her son's 2nd birthday. 3. Transformational yet behind many barriers: While recreating outdoors and working on her fitness, she experienced the transformational powers of outdoors. At the same time she became acutely aware of various social, cultural and economic barriers that help back several cross sections of people from benefitting from these adventures. 4. Starting a mission driven business: So she decided to build AdventureTripr to make outdoors accessible to everyone. Unlike other adventure travel companies, she did not want to assume that wither people knew how to do this stuff or they didn't want to do this stuff. She wanted to take a social and communal approach to getting everyone outside. She also wanted to eliminate all middlemen and their markups so that a luxury product like adventure experiences could become affordable. 5. Surviving a business through the pandemic: She launched the Company in February 2020 and the world shut down. She survived the Company by pivoting to self-guided weekend getaways and the Company took off. But it was not easy with a 3 yo in tow, several judgments from people in the industry and lack of any sort of external funding. But she stayed focused, did not lose sight of the importance of self-care this time around and kept hiking & got into running, leaned on her community and came through the pandemic with a flourishing business. 6. Conclusion & lessons: Preeti now employs 12 people, 80% women with most of them moms who have never worked before. It's still not easy for her to raise external capital as a Female Founder of Color but she stays focused on her mission, does not lose sight of her why or the need for self care, keeps leaning on her community and keeps forging ahead one step at a time. AdventureTripr today offers 300+ curated, prepackaged adventure trips suitable for all levels, provided by local guides and bookable at their local price on their website. They started with hiking, trekking & mountaineering trips and are rapidly expanding to biking, running, snow and water activities and trips.

May 10, 2024, 09:00 PM

09:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Preeti Suri

Preeti Suri

Founder & CEO, AdventureTripr