Alison Young

Life is Wide: how the trail teaches resilience

A Talk by Alison Young (CEO, Blissful Hiker Productions)

About this Talk

“Life may be short, but it’s all wide.”

My great-grandma Emma said that. 

I love the mental shift suggested by such a simple statement. Life being wide doesn’t deny the harsh reality of life’s limits, but it invites us to consider and be astonished by its abundance. 

As a long-distance thru-hiker, I literally stepped into this statement. The beautiful and challenging places I chose to walk recast themselves as a setting for figuring out – often in unexpected ways – how best to live on and off trail. 

In this talk, I’ll share valuable lessons I learned on trail that help me now and every day. 

May 12, 2024, 11:00 PM

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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About The Speakers

Alison Young

Alison Young

CEO, Blissful Hiker Productions

Alison Young is the "solo, female, middle-aged, titanium-reinforced, cancer-thriver, neurological-movement-disorder-manager, and long-distance backpacker" Blissful Hiker. She's hiked 12,000 miles on six continents and uses the trail as a setting to grapple with life's challenges.