Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

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Meet our Speakers

We've gathered some of the top experts in the field to discuss this topic. With years of experience between them, they're well-equipped to offer invaluable insights and perspectives.

Debbie Early, PhD

Debbie Early, PhD

Entrepreneur, Bluewater Eco-Lodge

Valerie Radu, PhD, LCSW

Valerie Radu, PhD, LCSW

Owner/Senior Guide, Thistle & Mud Earth School


True Tales From The Track and Forest Bathing With My Clothes On

May 09, 2024, 11:00 PM
Debbie Early, PhD

Listening to the Trees

May 10, 2024, 06:00 PM
Valerie Radu, PhD, LCSW

Kula Cloth


Far Out

Tera Kair


Merino Country

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

Sunday Afternoons

Garage Grown Gear

Title Nine

Alpine Fit

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